Hello!  And thank you for taking an interest in my blog.  I want to offer an independent,  and I hope thoughtful, perspective on some of the things I’m interested in.

I earn my living in two ways:

  • as Secretary to the Maritime Skills Alliance, a UK-wide network of organisations across the maritime sector which sets skills standards for it and turns them into qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks, and also gets involved in a number of other things to promote skills and careers in the maritime sector;
  • as Managing Director of The Mackinnon Partnership, a niche consultancy working primarily with public sector clients in the UK, and focusing on skills, employment and enterprise, often in the wider context of economic development.

I was a non-executive director of Pearson Education Ltd for seven years, which includes the Edexcel exam board.  I was a governor of Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College for 14 years and chaired the Board from 2005-10.  I also chaired the West London Student Trust, the college’s charity, and encouraged other colleges to see the value in their alumni and the scope for voluntary fundraising.

You can contact me at iain[at]themackinnonpartnership.co.uk

PS  The photo is of MacBrayne’s fine ship, the RMS Claymore, off the Isle of Tiree – the island where my father was born.  The Claymore was my introduction to the maritime sector.

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