Hello!  And thankyou for taking an interest in my blog.  I want to offer an independent,  and I hope thoughtful, perspective on some of the things I care a good deal about.

I earn my living in two ways:

  • as Managing Director of The Mackinnon Partnership, a niche consultancy working primarily with public sector clients in the UK, and focusing on skills, employment and enterprise, often in the wider context of economic development;
  • as Secretary to the Maritime Skills Alliance, a UK-wide network of organisations across the maritime sector which sets skills standards for it and turns them into qualifications and apprenticeship frameworks.

I am also a a non-executive director of Pearson Education Ltd, which includes the Edexcel exam board.  I was a governor of Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College for 14 years and chaired the Board from 2005-10.  I also chaired the West London Student Trust, the college’s charity, and encouraged other colleges to see the value in their alumni and the scope for voluntary fundraising.  (Everything I write in my Blog is simply my own view, of course, and you should not assume that anyone else agrees with a single word of it!).

You can contact me at iain[at]themackinnonpartnership.co.uk


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